How to Cut Time From Your Check Calling Routine
Monday, February 15, 2021

By Tommy Key

Freight agents know better than most that time is a rare commodity in the logistics industry. In this line of work, time is literally money, and you can always use more of it.

So how do you get more time, without cutting corners? By partnering with a brokerage that gets it. At Nationwide, we’re constantly on the search for tools that streamline administrative tasks so our agents can focus on growing their business.

Freight Ping is our latest time-saving tool. Our custom-designed solution automates the daily check call routine and allows drivers to self-deliver. The result? Nationwide agents can cut an hour or more of time from their day without losing visibility to their loads. Better yet, it’s free to Nationwide agents. Here’s how it works.

Effortless Transactions

Freight Ping was designed to reduce paperwork and save time, period. That’s why we developed it as a feature in our transportation management system (TMS). There are no apps or extra software platforms to navigate and maintain. In addition, drivers aren’t required to download a separate app to track their activity. They simply enable the location services on their phones when they are assigned a load. Freight Ping handles it from there.

Automated Check-ins

Freight Ping sends out two texts a day asking drivers to check in. With the click of a button, drivers can confirm if they are on time or delayed. The response is captured in our TMS. Instead of spending time check calling their drivers, Nationwide agents can log into our TMS at any time of the day and verify the status of their loads.

Faster Payments

When drivers reach their destination, they take a picture of the paperwork with their phone, upload it, and mark the load delivered. Payments for agents and drivers are expedited, and there’s no need to chase down paperwork. Agents can instead focus on securing their next load without distraction.

Real People Responding in Real Time

At Nationwide, we are invested in saving our freight agents time. But we’re even more invested in providing personal attention. We are here to streamline administrative tasks so our customers, agents, and carriers can work smarter, not harder, as they move freight from coast to coast.

Freight Ping is a tool to support this goal; it’s not a replacement for people-based relationships. We are still committed to building true partnerships with our agents. We are still here 24/7 to respond to issues and obstacles in real time. And we will still get to know all of our agents by name.

As a result, our agents have more support to focus on building their own business relationships. With less time spent following up on routine runs, Nationwide agents can focus more time on managing the exceptions—and expanding their business. By all accounts, that is time well spent.

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