Three Ways to Make the Most of the Current Market
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

By Tommy Key

By all accounts, 2020 has been rough on the logistics industry. From the pandemic to the recession, carriers, freight agents and truck drivers have had to navigate a landscape of uneven demand coupled with unprecedented health risks.

To be sure, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Shipments are up, and trucking rates, particularly in the spot market, are rising in response. But even this good news is tempered by reports that a shortage of truck drivers could become a drag on economic recovery.

As noted by Business Insider, thousands of drivers have exited the industry. Trucking companies and schools are expanding their recruitment campaigns, but it’s too soon to tell if they will be able to backfill job openings fast enough. Even as new hires are brought on board, carriers may need to revisit strategies to retain drivers over the long haul. While the trucking life offers its share of benefits, it’s not for everyone.

In the meantime, shippers are feeling the squeeze as they search for capacity. Even Amazon has had to rethink its transportation strategy in a bid to find more carriers. And independent freight broker agents are increasingly finding themselves having to pull out all the stops to connect shippers with carriers.

At Nationwide Logistics, we recognize this is not an ideal situation. However, we see new avenues to sustainable growth opening up for carriers and agents — if they know where to look. Here are three ways that we are helping carriers and freight agents capitalize on untapped potential:

Rapid carrier onboarding

We make the most of digital tools to streamline the carrier onboarding process. Our online portal is just one of several options we offer for fast and easy setup. By eliminating cumbersome steps and needless downtime, we enable agents to put new carriers on loads much more quickly than traditional processes allow. And as an added benefit, carriers can enhance their cash flow through direct deposit, quick pay options, and priority factoring.

More carriers

With a database that numbers more than 50,000 carriers and growing, we make it easy for agents to find the right carriers for their loads. Flexibility and efficiency are key, of course. But having a deep pool of available and qualified carriers helps everyone in the 3PL chain smooth out the downturns and upswings.

Unparalleled support

We know every minute counts, which is why our team of logistics experts are standing by 24/7. Agents can depend on our rapid response and proactive communication to convey timely information to shippers and carriers. Our service-forward mindset, combined with seamless coordination and streamlined operations, ensure truckers lose less time to waiting so they can spend more time hauling.

Keep your business moving

“We are in this together” has become a well-meaning statement of solidarity during a time of crisis. But logistics industry players have always known this to be the case. Our collective success has always been dependent on relationships built on trust. At Nationwide Logistics, we are real people with real experiences responding in real time. We’re here to back you up, so you can focus on moving ahead.

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