How Agents Can Increase Their Pay With Freight Brokerages
Wednesday, March 4, 2020

By Eric Skiba

How Freight Broker Agents Can Work With Brokerages to Increase Their Pay
One of our greatest pleasures as a freight brokerage is seeing agents have what we call a "killer month." At Nationwide Logistics, we've seen ambitious agents make in one month the equivalent of what most brokers are paid in a year. This kind of success is due to the agents' own tenacity and persistence, but it also helps to have a responsive and reliable partner for logistics support.

There are a few key features to look for when you are choosing a freight brokerage. A good brokerage is going to provide services that make your work life easier and a commission that gives you peace of mind in knowing you can cover the inevitable ebb and flow of the logistics industry.

The first step in increasing your commission is to understand the average commissions of independent logistics agents in your region. FreightWaves frequently publishes information on agent salaries and commissions across the United States. When you've found companies that offer freight broker commission structures that match your desired range, check to ensure that they don't put any stipulations on commission, or charge fees against it.

At Nationwide Logistics, we commit to paying an honest 70% commission from the first day. This way, when you accept and book freight, you can be confident that you're receiving a full 70% of the order. Also, our 70% rate is higher than the commissions you will find at many competitive freight brokerages.

Avoid commission clawback clauses when working with freight brokerages. Many brokerages that pay 70% include clawbacks in their commission structures to cover themselves when a customer doesn't pay on their terms. This can be incredibly detrimental to your business as an independent agent. Because Nationwide Logistics sees our role as your support staff, our goal is to decrease your stress. We don't think it's our place to punish agents when customers don't pay the bill, so our contracts are clawback-free.

Seek a high level of support in exchange for the dollars a brokerage retains. Once you find a commission structure that moves you toward your business goals, you should assess the level of support you are getting from the brokerage for the remaining percentage of each load. Nationwide Logistics strives to provide maximum support so you can have more time to spend building your business instead of managing administrative tasks.

In fact, at Nationwide Logistics, we see ourselves as your true partner. We understand the challenges agents face and we'll work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, providing unparalleled support.

Dominic Leone, a Nationwide agent in Burbank, California shares his thoughts on the qualities he looked for when choosing a partner. "I like working with Nationwide Logistics because of the level of competency across the board, as a cohesive organization. Everyone there seems like they are on their game, day in and day out, and are polite. That's solid. Also, I feel like they have your back as an agent. In an industry where you deal with many people daily, and where competency is not necessarily a prerequisite for entry or as ubiquitous as you would have hoped... It's very nice to be dealing with competent and solid individuals that have your back."

Nationwide Logistics' experienced team of leaders in 24/7 logistics can handle carrier onboarding, custom billing, collections, and claims management, giving you the time to truly focus on growing your business. Our 98% retention rate speaks to our commitment to making sure the agents who work with us always know that when they call Nationwide Logistics, they are going to get support from a real person, with real experience, who is working to help them succeed.

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